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FIOLAX CLEAR / Introduction - Introduction | Tubes | Properties -
Neutral Clear 4.9

The Glass
Fiolax is a neutral glass of the first hydrolytic class. This type of glass is a special borosilicate glass with high chemical resistance. Fiolax Clear has a medium coefficient of linear expansion of 4.9.

The Advantages
The principal advantage of Fiolax tubes is the chemical resistance. The containers made from neutral glass protect and preserve the content with security. Fiolax excellently fulfill the conditions required by our customers for manufacturing in accordance with GMP standards. The standard packaging of this type of tubes is Densocan (closed ends), to guarantee safety and the lowest possible amount of particles. Fiolax Clear

The Quality
Fiolax tubing offers the highest quality for ampoules, vials, dental cartridges, pens and syringes. Due to this type of glass is a first hydrolytic glass, has an excellent chemical resistance, neutrality, impermeability and strength.
Fiolax Amber additionally offers effective protection against ultraviolet rays and short-wave visible light.
Fiolax therefore fulfills the highest requirements on the packaging for permanent protection of parenteral medicines.

The Fields of Application
Principally, Fiolax is used in the processing of vials, ampoules, syringes and other pharmaceutical primary packaging. Nowadays, is also being used in the cosmetic, dietetic and lighting industry.

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