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Borosilicate 3.3 Glass

The Glass
Duran is a special borosilicate glass of the first hydrolytic class. Laboratory and chemical plant technology would be unthinkable without Duran tubing, capillary and rod, which provide the basis for custom-made solutions to specific problems. Duran has a medium coefficient of linear expansion of 3.3.

The Advantages
Products made from Duran are well-known for their stability, good workability and high thermal shock resistance. This type of glass has a very low rate of thermal expansion which makes it an excellent material for laboratory glassware and for use in large-scale technological plants in the chemical apparatus industry. Products made from Duran are resistant to corrosion and remain absolutely neutral, even to aggressive chemicals, in nearly all fields of chemistry. This gives them a great advantage over other materials. Borosilicate glass is extremely resistant to water, acids, salt solutions, organic substances and halogen. Tubing, capillary and rod of Duran also have a high alkali resistance. For more details, you can consult the Physical and Chemical Properties.
The large range of tubing, capillary and rod provides a very high level of precision in all dimensions. These products are also available in the form of prestressed components for use in demanding conditions.
Duran Tubing

The Quality
Tubing, capillary and rod of Duran are manufactures using the latest technology. Products made from this type of glass correspond to the main international standards (for example, DIN ISO 3585 and ASTM E438 Type 1, Class A). The entire production process is electronically controlled and comprehensively monitored by a Quality Assurance System. The corresponding quality criteria are describes in the Technical Data.

The Fields of Application
There are widespread fields of application for Duran tubing, capillary and rod.
The main area of use is in the laboratory and chemical industries, ranging from simple test tubes to filter apparatus and diverse types of cooling and distilling plants.
Tubing, capillary and rod of Duran Borosilicate Glass 3.3 are also to be found in large-scale chemical and sewage plants, in pipeline construction, in measuring and controlling techniques, and increasingly in environmental technology, for example in solar collectors and waste gas desulphurisation plants. Other technical fields of application are, for example, heat exchangers, flameproof tubes and flow meters.
In the craft sector this glass is used to produce unique works of art, from a simple candlestick to filigree wine and champagne glasses. Nowadays, is also being used in lighting field.

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