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Borosilicate 3.3 Glass

Opening up new perspectives
Borosilicate glass tubing and rod are available in varying types of inner and outer profile to inspire new products made from glass. Whether for lighting, arts and crafts or other fields: Diverse circular or starshaped profiles in different dimensions, combined with the excellent properties of special glass, open up perspectives for bright new ideas.
Conturax has a medium coefficient of linear expansion of 3.3.
Let the versatility of CONTURAX inspire you.
Conturax Profiles

Geometric light design
Profiled tubing and rod, suffused with light to create illusions and produce unexpected effects.
Geometric profiles combined with light to provide unsuspected scope for creative use in decorative or technical lighting or for distinctive architecture.
Let shape and structure inspires you. Try for unusual effects with the harmonious interplay of light and shade available with CONTURAX.
Conturax Profiles

Sculptured art
Profiled tubing and rod, skilfully formed into small works of art to open up new aesthetic dimensions.
Geometric profiles, blown into form or combined with other fine materials to entice the user towards creative experiments with shapes and substances.
Give free rein to your imagination. Use CONTURAX to create unprecedented treasures.
Conturax Profiles

Your wish is our command

Conturax Profiles
The CONTURAX standard range comprises eight types of profile which are available in tubing and rod in 1.500 mm lengths. These are made from borosilicate glass 3.3 to guarantee the very best combination of resistance to thermal shock, good workability and a high measure of resistance to corrosion.
On request, and subject to the purchase of suitable quantities, we can produce special dimensions and profiles, or give special treatment to your profiles (cutting to an angle of 90º or 45º, grinding or fire-polishing, drilling, inserting hooks, cutting into semi-cylinders, etc.), depending on the facilities we have available.
Conturax Profiles

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