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Soda lime 9.1

The Glass
AR-Glas is a clear glass of Hydrolytic Class 3, and belongs to the sodalime group of glasses, with a high alkali and alkaline earth oxide content. AR-Glas has a medium coefficient of linear expansion of 9.1. AR-Glas Tubes

The Advantages
The outstanding properties of AR-Glas are its multiple application possibilities, the good price/performance ratio, good workability and the accuracy of its dimensions. All the standard dimensions listed are available at short notice.

The Quality
The quality of the products is ensured by the use of the most modern manufacturing technology and the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality assurance system, certified by TÜV certificate.

The Fields of Application
AR-Glas has a wide range of applications, and is processed, for example, into pipettes, vials and test tubes. Many other laboratory articles and other technical products (e.g. solar collectors) are also made of AR-Glas, and it is also used in the decorative glass industry for the manufacture of Christmas decorations. Nowadays, is also being used in lighting field.

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